Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sons Of Anarchy , Burnt and purdged away !

Okay so whos ready for sons of anarchy episode : burnt and purged away ? I am and i figure that opie or tig is going to kill clay ! i want jax to do it but Kurt has a mind of his own and will make you think one thing but do another. thats polly why we all love him , and his ability ! I believe that jax shouldn do it but we all know tig saw gemmas face and my litle tiger loves her and haves feelings for her , Clay has got to go ! , and opie on the other hand need also to kill clay because Clay kille piney which was ubber sad and i wanted to cry ! , One thing i am happy about is that Juice (Theo Rossi) is going to ben okayy! , he is not gonna been killed off ever and that ugly cop (no offence) is finally gonna be on SOA's side and off of juice ! .. and Tara is gonna be fine. But can ya'll believe that Wendy is a lesbian , who could turn a lesbian when they was married to jax ! , what the crap ! is she super stupid ??? All of this typing about sons of anarchy is making me get impatient , i dont wanna wait til tuesday ! lol, but one thing i do miss on SOA is Kozik , poor Kozik wasnt even in the california chapter that long , we al fell bad and miss him , ! But i need more Blog followers ya'll gonna make me cry ! but imma get of of here , i will post something tommorrow ! , if not tomorrow then deffinatly tuesday i will give ya'll spoiler alerts if i can and special updates ! We all thank Kurt for the awesome season 4 of SONS OF ANARCHY love ya ... PEACE !

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