Sunday, August 28, 2011


Guys we have 1 more tuesday to wait until SONS OF ANARCHY season 4 premier,, every one is excited and i am to so get your DVR'S ready to record the new season of SONS OF ANARCHY!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL



Friday, August 26, 2011

Okay Lets Get This Straight

"OKAY LETS GET THIS STRAIGHT" okay so i was watching BEYOND SCARED STRAIGHT right and why does everyone on there try and act hard??? You damn stright yo ass is scared!! them po-po are gonna put u down in the grave lol! And the girls try and ROLL there EYES, that police woman was like GIRL i'll knock your eyes right out of your head! And then it cut over to the boys.. this one Jose is super sexy but, he was like i smoke pot and drink and if somebody comes up to me and was like i wanna fight you, i would beat his ass. Now i wouldnt put it past that boy but the other ones were tryna act haard in front of the police officers! DUDE i wouldnt even do that! any'me some feed back, how do yall like these "OKAY LETS GET THIS STRAIGHT" tell me on blogger or on twitter! thanks xoxo @theorossiLOVER

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Okay Lets Get This Straight

Okay lets get this straight! Im reading some tweets from some people and there saying that JERSEY SHORE is trying to kick SONS OF ANARCHY off of FX and i like JERSEY SHORE and all but why are u just fucking mad that SONS OF ANARCHY is shooting up in views!! Man i will be major shitty if SONS OF ANARCHY get off FX but i know for sure SONS OF ANARCHY isnt gonna settle for that! IF AND ONLY IF!, they do ME and ALL S.O.A FANS ON TWITTER AND EVERYWHERE will protest on that shit! REALLT IF U THINK ABOUT IT ITS BULLSHIT CAUSE THESE MOTHERFUCKERS ARE HATERS!!!!!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Okay Lets Get This Straight

so lets get this straght Kurt sutter is pissed because these assholes keep bothering him which made him quit twitter! so now he's saying that if he gets a quartermillion followers or 250,000 he will come back !! OR he will wait till its 2027 and come back.. DAMN thoes FUCKIN criticks are always trying to FUCK somebody???

xoxo hollla back

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Okay Lets Get This Sraight "daily thing"

Okay this "okay let's get this straight" is gonna be a daily blog for me Im going to look up new events going on including sons of anarchy and kurt sutter.. I just want to let my blogg followers and twitter followers know what's going on around here... So if you tweeters find something or need me to talk about something feel free to mentionon Twitter @theorossiLOVER and ask me to talk about something:) love u tweeple and now I'm kinda excited that I have a Twitter sister @verarigoli she's my twitter u can't have her lol okay

Over and out

my favirote person on twitter!!!

My favirote person on twitter is of course THEO ROSSI. But i also love @verarigoli because she gives me humor about my husband THEO ROSSI and shes really the only person who talks :) so i knew that u didnt think i would make a blog about u but u truly are my bestie on TWITTER and ily TWITTER friend

your best twitter friend , @theorossiLOVER

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Why Im in love with Theo Rossi

The reason I love Theo Rossi is because how he carries his self and his beautiful smile:) I love all his tattoos and his love for harley davidsons. I don't care if Theo Rossi is 36 he looks damn good for his age. I would mos definatley date him:) I can't wait til sons of anarchy season 4 I really only watch it cause of him (lol) I don't care if theo is like 21 years older than me I am still in love with him. As soon as I started watching the show I had bcame obsessive over him :) that's kinda bad:) but just to let Theo know I am his BIGGEST fans and I will always love him<3

xoxoxo @theorossiLOVER

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

sons of anarchy

Okay this is my first blog and its about my favirote shit..(: i dont know why but s its kinda bullshit how they pushed the most badass person on twitter away..fuck thoes loosers kurt they dont know shit about u. i love ur freedom of speech and how u use your words .. every body wants u back:) we love and miss you..kurt i love how ur mind works when u write the scripts for SoA i think its kinda bullshit how u cant write th "N" word on or in one of your scripts but "they" can call us crackers and white boy or girl. I my self dont think ur racist and ur other fans dont either the show is about LOVE,FAMILY,LOYALTY,and RESPECT and how the gang relations work..ur trying to make it seem real and most people dont get that but i and the sons of anarchy fans do... p.s before i go i want to say I Love You Theo Rossi (forever and always)