Friday, August 26, 2011

Okay Lets Get This Straight

"OKAY LETS GET THIS STRAIGHT" okay so i was watching BEYOND SCARED STRAIGHT right and why does everyone on there try and act hard??? You damn stright yo ass is scared!! them po-po are gonna put u down in the grave lol! And the girls try and ROLL there EYES, that police woman was like GIRL i'll knock your eyes right out of your head! And then it cut over to the boys.. this one Jose is super sexy but, he was like i smoke pot and drink and if somebody comes up to me and was like i wanna fight you, i would beat his ass. Now i wouldnt put it past that boy but the other ones were tryna act haard in front of the police officers! DUDE i wouldnt even do that! any'me some feed back, how do yall like these "OKAY LETS GET THIS STRAIGHT" tell me on blogger or on twitter! thanks xoxo @theorossiLOVER

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