Wednesday, August 17, 2011

sons of anarchy

Okay this is my first blog and its about my favirote shit..(: i dont know why but s its kinda bullshit how they pushed the most badass person on twitter away..fuck thoes loosers kurt they dont know shit about u. i love ur freedom of speech and how u use your words .. every body wants u back:) we love and miss you..kurt i love how ur mind works when u write the scripts for SoA i think its kinda bullshit how u cant write th "N" word on or in one of your scripts but "they" can call us crackers and white boy or girl. I my self dont think ur racist and ur other fans dont either the show is about LOVE,FAMILY,LOYALTY,and RESPECT and how the gang relations work..ur trying to make it seem real and most people dont get that but i and the sons of anarchy fans do... p.s before i go i want to say I Love You Theo Rossi (forever and always)

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