Thursday, August 18, 2011

Why Im in love with Theo Rossi

The reason I love Theo Rossi is because how he carries his self and his beautiful smile:) I love all his tattoos and his love for harley davidsons. I don't care if Theo Rossi is 36 he looks damn good for his age. I would mos definatley date him:) I can't wait til sons of anarchy season 4 I really only watch it cause of him (lol) I don't care if theo is like 21 years older than me I am still in love with him. As soon as I started watching the show I had bcame obsessive over him :) that's kinda bad:) but just to let Theo know I am his BIGGEST fans and I will always love him<3

xoxoxo @theorossiLOVER

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