Friday, November 18, 2011

CycleFest !!

So tell me why cycle fest was awesome ! i got to meet the guy of my dreams and the love of my life Theo Rossi. Man , i love that man. I also met Kim Coates , is also awesome but i kinda took the majority of my pics with Theo. Theo was such a sweetheart , but hes my sweetheart ! , i love the way he knew my name when i didnt even tell him , he said this is to Mercedes right ?? i said yea with a faint sound in my voice ! , the reason i am blogging this is because i am trying to get alot of people to spread the word about cyclefest because it is going to be an on going thing ! , The next show is going to be in Ft. Wayne and i know that i have met my love before but i cant wait to meet him again in January ! , it is going to be so awesome if he would remember my name and me ! i believe he will. Basically because i am his biggest fan and i will always like him as juice on sons of anarchy but i will always LOVE him as a person ..Theo Rossi , you are the other part of me ! xoxoxo

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