Saturday, November 26, 2011

Someone told me that i needed to seek professional help for being obsessed with Theo Rossi ! ?

okay so i am kind of mad that some one on tumblr messaged me and said i needed professional help and i was a "twat" for having a dream of marrying Theo Rossi , and you know whats gonna be messed up is if i actually did marry him on my 18th birthday (lol), excuse my language but it kinda pisses me off that someone would actually have the balls to say it but not put there name, they put anonymous. what kindn of lowlife douche bag would sit down and take the time out of his/her day and look through my posts? i think that he/she is jealous and has no life. Okay if i am obsessed with Theo , you cant tell me that im not ! if you was a real #SOA lover and family member you would be on my side ... but NO! you have to be that one hater that ruins everything , that one person who makes an awesome day crucial ! ., i did nothing to deserve those rude messages , and yes i am in love with Theo Rossi , and yes i do have a dream that one day we will get married, but who are you to tell me that i cant dream? I think you should show my website to Theo and the "BOYS" i know he and them wouldnt care , he knows that i love him and i am his biggest fan !, i told him myself, i dont need you to speak for me , and i think it also kinda awesome you would bring me up around the boys , thats one awesome oppertunity !, and i wanna thank you #SOAfamily who helped me through it.... @clowlove , @Theorossi , @harlee_rider ... thank you for believing in me :) xoxoxo

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